ASP-DAC 2020

Prof. Hashimoto gave an invited talk entitled “Soft Error and Its Countermeasures in Terrestrial Environment” at Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC) held in Beijing from Jan. 13 to 16, 2020.
Also, Prof. Cheng Zhuo of Zhejiang University presented our collaboration work entitled “When Single Event Upset Meets Deep Neural Networks: Observations, Explorations, and Remedies”.

Prof. Hashimoto received ASP-DAC Prolific Author Award, which was given to the authors who have published more than 25 papers in the 25 ASP-DACs.


Prof. Awano gave an invited talk entitled “Security Evaluation of Physically Unclonable Function in Deep Learning Era” at Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Complex Communication Sciences (KJCCS) held in Hiroshima from Jan. 5 to 7, 2020.

Visited Southeast University

Prof. Hashimoto visited Southeast University in Nanjing being hosted by Prof. Weiwei Shan from Dec. 26 to 27 in 2019 and gave the two talks below.
“Near-/Sub-threshold Circuit Design: Opportunities and Challenges”
“Via-switch FPGA enabling energy-efficient neural network computation”


12/4に弘前大学 コラボ弘大「八甲田ホール」で開催された電子情報通信学会東北支部講演会において,粟野先生が”Physically Unclonable Functionとモデリング攻撃”という題目で招待講演を行いました.


Mr. Shota Fukui gave a presentation entitled “Distilling Knowledge for Non-Neural Networks” and Mr. Toranosuke Tanio gave a presentation entitled “Training Data Reduction using Support Vectors for Neural Networks” in 11th Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) held in Lanzhou, China from November 18th to 21st, 2019.

Lab Trip 2019

Lab trip was held from 25th to 27th on September. We went to Korea, where we could not go because of the typhoon last year. We went sightseeing in Seoul, Suwon and so on.