Visited Southeast University

Prof. Hashimoto visited Southeast University in Nanjing being hosted by Prof. Weiwei Shan from Dec. 26 to 27 in 2019 and gave the two talks below.
“Near-/Sub-threshold Circuit Design: Opportunities and Challenges”
“Via-switch FPGA enabling energy-efficient neural network computation”

Visit from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

We have five guests from Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Aug. 9th, Prof. Minyi Guo, Prof. Jingwen Leng, Prof. Wenli Zheng, Prof. Chao Li, and Prof. Quan Chen. Prof. Yu gave a presentation about Hashimoto Lab., and Mr. Zheng gave a research presentation about approximation computing for neural networks.

Prof. Cheng Zhuo stayed at our laboratory

Prof. Cheng Zhuo of Zhejiang University, China, stayed at our laboratory being supported by JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan from Aug. 8 to Sep. 8. He gave a seminar talk entitled “A System Perspective on Power and Signal Integrity for Modern Memory: Models and Solutions” during his stay. We had discussions for collaborations.


Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann and Dr. Bing Li of Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany visited our laboratory on March 3rd. Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann gave seminar talks entitled “Overview of Reliability Research at TUM’s Institute for EDA” and “Using Formal Verification to Speed Up Functional Safety Analysis,” and Dr. Bing Li gave a talk entitled “Design and Test with Post‐Silicon Clock Tuning in Digital Circuits.” We had a discussion for collaborations.