Research topics

In modern society, Information and Communication Technology is indispensable to our daily life. It is the advanced Embedded Systems that brings the Information Communication Systems into reality. In our laboratory, we conduct research about System Architecture, System Synthesis, and Design Methodology of leading embedded systems offer “relief”, “safety”, and “comfort” to our life. System Architecture, Embedded Software, and Generation Technologies of Embedded Software Developing Environment, etc. play important roles in designing Embedded Systems.

New-paradigm computing

As shrinkage of transistors approaches its minimal limit, novel computing paradigms that keep evolvement of computer systems are essential. Representative example is a combinatorial problem solver based on Ising-model as an alternative for conventional software solvers running on a CPU. However, those hardware Ising machines still have limitation in their […]

Hardware Accelerator for Explainable-AI

Recent AI technologies are so advanced that human can not know how AI comes up with its decisions, which is a barrier for AI to be applied on mission critical applications such as self-driving car. This research develops an explainable AI (XAI) by combining Bayesian machine learning technique with neural […]

Highly Efficient Deep Neural Network

Deep learning that makes possible to solve complex non-linear problems on computers is now utilized in a wide range of research fields. For practical applications of deep learning, its energy efficiency is becoming the most critical issue, which is the calculation amount per power consumption. To tackle this issue, researching […]

Vision-based Object Recognition

Vision-based object recognition plays an essential role in analyzing and understanding information obtained from vision sensors for advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous mobile robots. To realize practical object recognition on embedded systems is not an easy task because these systems need to satisfy high recognition accuracy, real-time processing, and low […]

To promote research

In information system researches, “science” and “engineering” are co-existing. First, in the field of science, we perform analysis study, modeling, and algorithm development. Then, in the field of engineering, we perform prototyping and evaluation experiments. Finally, we publish our research results as papers or patents.